Satellite internet is a faster internet option for rural areas. Its speeds are roughly ten times faster than dial-up, with the additional benefit of not tying up your phone line. The modem is replaced by a small satellite that sits on your property, and functions as a node in a relay system instead of hijacking your phone line.

Satellite Internet Advantages! A new satellite broadband serviceno longer do rural Americans need to suffer slow dial up internet speeds, subject to availability. satellite internet anywhereif you are in the 48 continental United States and have a clear view of the southern sky, you can receive wildblue satellite broadband (Exede).

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Alison Stine lives in an environmentally conscious place: a rural town with thriving local food businesses. Even here,

The FCC invited telecommunications providers – including satellite operators – to bid July 24 for Connect America subsidies meant to make it financially worthwhile for companies to build out broadband.

"If rural citizens, Satellite Internet. If DSL or cable is not available in your area, one of the best options for accessing broadband in a rural area is a satellite Internet connection. Regardless of where you live, you can achieve a high-speed connection as long as you have a clear view of the southern sky.

Several companies like HughesNet and WildBlue have sprung up to fill this gap by providing broadband satellite internet to rural areas. However, these satellite providers still aren’t available in every location. If you can’t find one, try the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development program.

Satellite Internet is a great choice for those seeking connection in rural areas. hughesnet offers satellite Internet everywhere in the contiguous United States, including rural areas where cable and DSL are not always available. How It Works. Satellite Internet is literally rocket science.

So, that’s it – those are your choices for satellite Internet providers by zip code at this time. There are some other options for businesses in rural areas, but for residential service, those are the companies you must choose from.

Ways to get internet in rural areas. Many people like to enjoy the fresh air and serenity of rural areas. But this does not necessarily mean you have to sacrifice high speed Internet access simply because you are located outside the reach of DSL or cable connections.

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