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APFT Calculator This apft calculator helps with the Army Physical Fitness Test used in the US to test the muscular strength and endurance of soldiers through 3 events. Read more on this subject below the form.

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This comprehensive online calculator scores Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) results and soldier height/weight data in accordance with applicable US Army regulations including FM 7-22 – Army Physical Readiness Training (formerly TC 3-22.20 and FM 21-20 – Physical Fitness Training), AR 600-8-19 (Enlisted Promotions and Reductions), and AR 600-9 (The Army Weight Control Program).

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The APFT Standards scale used by the Army to determine a soldier’s physical fitness. At least 60 points per event are required in the Army. Updated every year to ensure the APFT charts are accurate and up to date! See what you are required to score based on your age and gender!