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READI members receive access to and READI's benefits. READI Enrollment

Enrollment Eligibility / LIA Sponsorship

Membership in READI is available to professional appraisers genuinely interested in reducing their liability risk. LIA Administrators & Insurance Services is READI's founding sponsor. In recognition of LIA's support, all appraiser-clients of LIA receive free membership and full access to all of READI's resources. Other appraisers, however, are very much welcome and will be granted free basic membership and access to most resources.

There is no "catch" to registering for READI membership access. The purpose of registration is: (1) we want to know who and where you are so that we can keep you informed of new developments and benefits from READI and LIA, and (2) we want to keep non-appraisers or other parties who do not share our purpose out of materials developed for member use only. No payment information of any kind is required to register.

Registration Access Code

LIA-Insured Appraisers: If you are insured on an LIA-issued policy, you can complete the registration process below by using your LIA customer ID number. If you cannot locate that number, please email to ask for it.

Appraisers Not Insured with LIA: If you are not insured on an LIA policy, you can request a registration code by emailing your name and a copy of your current E&O declarations page to Upon verification, we will email you a registration code for use below. Providing the E&O information assures us that you are an appraiser genuinely interested in READI's stated mission. If you believe that we should make an exception in a particular circumstance to this requirement, please email us. Your information will only be used in accordance with our Privacy Policies.

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