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Appraiser Health Insurance

Premium savings over comparable coverage can total as much as 40%.

Real estate appraisers have found it is very difficult to find quality health insurance on an individual basis.   Now READI members will have the advantage of creating a health plan that fits their family health needs and budget.  The READI member program fulfills most medical insurance needs and is one of the best and most flexible in the U.S. for individuals and their families.  For example, the American Medical Association has endorsed this product for its 400,000 physician members.  Underwritten by Best A- (Excellent) insurance companies with extensive experience in this field, these plans provide comprehensive, affordable coverage to appraisers, their families and employees.

Many of the available plans meet the requirements for establishment and operation of Health Savings Accounts. The preferred provider organization’s (PPOs) network of doctors include over 97% of the doctors and hospitals in the United States. For members with special health insurance needs, short term and student plans are available.

Premium savings over comparable coverage can total as much as 40%.

Other benefits include:

  • 20% deductible credit for each year you do not meet your deductible
  • 10% healthy member discount and preferred rates for READI members
  • Plans with co-pays ranging for $20-40 for physicians office visits
  • Prescription Drug Card and Free Health Savings Account
  • Optional PPO or traditional health plan with extensive provider networks
  • Many affordable, flexible plans with various deductible and co-pay options

LIA has partnered with JLBG Health to administer this program. There is no paper application to complete – simply call our Tele-Express dedicated number at 888-623-5798 to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable representative. A request for coverage takes as little as 15 minutes by phone. You can read more about this health insurance program and other information about health insurance at