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READI has partnered with MetLife to bring READI members comprehensive auto and homeowners insurance.

READI / MetLife Auto and Home Ad

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Auto Insurance Solutions

The READI / MetLife Coverage Plus features are part of the most comprehensive and affordable policies available. Our standard coverage options come with a range of benefits and additional features can be added to further enhance your policy. By enrolling through READI, you automatically qualify for the following:

  • Up to 15% Group Discount (For READI Members)
  • Full Replacement Cost Coverage*
  • Extra Savings with Auto Bank Account Deduction
  • Superior Driving Discounts
  • Full New Car Replacement Coverage*
  • Multi-policy Homeowners/Auto discounts are also available

Homeowners Insurance

Whether your home is a house, townhouse, mobile home, apartment or personal condo, you can protect your residence and precious belongings inside with the right MetLife insurance policy. Coverage for landlords and renters is also available.

Policies provide*:

  • Property damage resulting from lightning, fire, smoke and theft
  • Coverage for the contents of your home, such as furniture, clothes, TVs, etc.
  • Court fees and liability coverage for lawsuits resulting from injuries anyone sustains on your property
  • Superior 24/7/365 claim service

Additional Coverage Options

READI has partnered with MetLife to bring READI members comprehensive auto and homeowners insurance. In addition to auto and homeowners coverage, MetLife offers:

  • Condominium Coverage
  • Renter's Insurance
  • RV Coverage

Start Saving Now

READI Members can save hundreds of dollars per year through our group discounts and available multi-policy homeowners/auto discounts. In addition to your savings, you also get the security of knowing that you are insured by MetLife Auto & Home, a Best A+ rated carrier and one of America's oldest and largest insurance companies.

Find out how much you can save today by calling 800-888-2308.

*See policy for terms, conditions and restrictions