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Appraiser Health Insurance

Premium savings over comparable coverage can total as much as 40%.

Real estate appraisers have found it is very difficult to find quality health insurance on an individual basis.   Now READI members will have the advantage of creating a health plan that fits their family health needs and budget.  The READI member program fulfills most medical insurance needs and is one of the best and most flexible in the U.S. for individuals and their families.  [Read More]

Auto / Homeowners Insurance

By enrolling through READI, you automatically qualify for up to 15% group discount and more.

READI has partnered with MetLife to bring READI members comprehensive auto and homeowners insurance. By enrolling through READI, you automatically qualify for special benefits. [Read More]

READI and LIA have teamed up to offer READI members a live 4-hour CE seminar entitled "Loss Prevention for Real Estate Appraisers."  [Read More]