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Real Estate Advisors Defense Institute, Inc.

Real estate appraisers are the target of unprecedented levels litigation and disciplinary investigation. Appraisers need accurate information and strong resources to respond to these challenges. Accordingly, LIA Administrators & Insurance Services (LIA) has created READI to serve as a platform from which we can work to help appraisers minimize their liability and disciplinary risks. What you see now is just the beginning.

Appraisers covered by insurance from LIA receive free membership and access to all of READI's resources. Other appraisers are eligible for free basic membership and accesses to most resources.  More information is available on the registration page.

Mission. The mission of READI is to:

  • Protect appraisers against unfair legal and financial liability.
  • Provide appraisers with straightforward information about the legal, financial and insurance issues that affect them.
  • Advocate in the interest of appraisers in judicial, political and regulatory settings.
  • Support existing and emerging professional organizations that serve the needs of individual appraisers.
  • Review and evaluate insurance, legal and business products designed for appraisers using the expertise of READI's staff and board of advisors.

Founding. The momentum and funding to create READI was provided by LIA Administrators & Insurance Services,, formerly known as Liability Insurance Administrators. LIA has been in the business of providing insurance to appraisers since 1977. The founding of READI is an effort by LIA to assure that individual appraisers are supported and defended in the face of a challenging legal and business environment. LIA knows firsthand the challenges that appraisers are facing with national lenders, AMCs, BPOs and automated platforms and that is why LIA pushed to create READI.

Operation. READI is a membership-based organization. It is operated for the purpose of fulfilling its mission without regard to generating a monetary profit. Under its corporate charter, any net income resulting from READI's membership base must be re-invested into the activities described in its mission. The bulk of READI's funding comes from its founding sponsor and future educational offerings. READI's director is Peter Christensen.

Membership. Membership in READI is available to professional appraisers genuinely interested in reducing their liability risk. In recognition of LIA's founding effort, READI's charter provides membership free of charge and full access to appraisers covered by insurance policies issued by LIA. Other professional appraisers, however, are very much welcome and will be granted free basic membership and access to most resources. More information is available on the registration page. READI reserves the right and has full discretion to refuse membership or to discontinue membership to any person.