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Real estate appraisers are the target of unprecedented levels litigation and disciplinary investigation. Appraisers need accurate information and strong resources to respond to these challenges. Accordingly, LIA Administrators & Insurance Services (LIA) has created READI to serve as a platform from which we can work to help appraisers minimize their liability and disciplinary risks.

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"a positive change for appraisers"

Our Mission

The mission of READI is to:

  • Protect appraisers from unfair legal and financial liability.
  • Give appraisers frank information about legal, financial and insurance issues.
  • Advocate in the interest of appraisers in judicial, political and regulatory settings.
  • Support professional organizations that serve the needs of individual appraisers.
  • Review and evaluate insurance, legal and business products designed for appraisers using the expertise of READI's staff and board of advisors.

Answers You Will Find At READI

answers for appraisers
  • Who sues the most appraisers? (answer)
  • How do you respond to a call from the FBI about one of your appraisals? (answer)
  • What's your risk from using one of the new valuation tools like
    the Collateral Valuation Report? (answer)
  • What has the FDIC been suing appraisers for? (answer)
  • What is the surest way for a commercial appraiser to get sued? (answer)
  • Should you keep your work files longer than the 5 years
    required by USPAP?(answer)

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